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I. Product Description

G Series screw pump with continuously variable transmission is  a new pump based on turning meshing volumetric principle, the main working parts of which are eccentric screw rod (rotor)  and  fixed bushing (the stator). Because of the special geometry of the two components, they form separate sealed cavities respectively, the medium flow  uniformly along with the axial direction. The low internal flow rate, unchanged volume, and stable pressure, which result no eddy or stirring. The output pressure for each stage pump is 0.6MPa, and head is 60m(water).  It is suitable for conveying the medium  below the temperature 80 (up to 150 for  special  requirements).  Due  to  the  stator  made from a  variety of flexible materials, it is applicable for the delivering of high-viscosity  fluids,  and  the liquid with hard suspended particle or fiber, so  that  the  pump  has  many  characteristics which  is  lacked  by  other  common  pump.  Its  flow  is  proportional to the rational speed. The transmission is fulfilled by coupling directly, or the speed is changed by the control  motor, triangular  belt,  gearbox and  other unit.  The  pump  has many advantages, such as fewer parts,  compact structure, small  size,  easy maintenance,  and  as  the  wearing parts of  pump,  the  rotor  and  the  stator  have  simple  structures,  and  are  easy  to assemble and disassemble.

II. Product Application

G Series screw pump with continuously variable transmission is  particularly  suitable  for  the  following operating conditions:

  • High-viscosity media conveyed;

  • Media with solid particles or fibers conveyed;

  • Requiring continuity, stability in pressure, and no cyclical pressure fluctuations;

  • Requiring little stir, not to destroy the natural structure of the conveyed media;

  • Low noise.

III. Technical Parameters

  • Flow: 0-150m3 / h;
  • Head: 0-240m;
  • Power: 0.75-37kw;
  • Rational Speed: 500-960r / min;
  • Diameter: 20-135MM;
  • Temperature: -15-200 .

IV. Model Description

For example: G 35-1

1- refers to first-class pump;

35- refers to nominal diameter of screw;

G- refers to G series screw pump.

V. Performance Parameter

Model Flow Rate Head Power Inlet Outlet
m³/h m (kw) mm mm
G20-1 0.8 60 0.75 25 25
G25-1 2 60 1.5 32 25
G25-2 2 120 2.2 32 25
G30-1 5 60 2.2 50 40
G30-2 5 120 3 50 40
G35-1 8 60 3 65 50
G35-2 8 120 4 65 50
G40-1 12 60 4 80 65
G40-2 12 120 5.5 80 65
G50-1 20 60 5.5 100 80
G50-2 20 120 7.5 100 80
G60-1 30 60 11 125 100
G60-2 30 120 11-8 125 100
G70-1 45 60 11-8 150 125