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Pressure Gauge With Resistance Transmitter

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Application Description:

YNTZ type  oil-filled pressure gauge with resistance transmitter and YNTZ-150B type stainless steel oil-filled pressure gauge with resistance transmitter has good vibration resistance. It especially applies to measure pressure of vapor and liquid which is not corrosive for copper and copper alloy, or stainless steel alloy, in the working environment where there is mechanical vibration and medium pulsation. Through locator type sensor which is installed in the resistance remote transmission shock proof pressure gauge, the measured value is transmitted to the secondary instrument away from the measuring point, in order to achieve centralized monitoring and remote control. In addition, pressure can be indicated on site simultaneously on resistance remote transmission shock proof pressure gauge, it is easy to conduct process checking. Resistance remote transmission shock proof pressure gauge can be connected to the diaphragm isolator(the diaphragm body), to form diaphragm resistance remote transmission shock proof pressure gauge. It is used to measure pressure of strong corrosive, large viscosity, easy crystallized media.

Main Technical Parameters

1, The basic error: ±1.6.

2, Measuring range: (Mpa)

0~0.16, 0~0.25, 0~0.4, 0~0.6, 0~1.6, 0~2.5, 0~4, 0~6, 0~10, 0~16, 0~25, 0~40;

-0.1~0.06, -0.1~0.15, -0.1~0.3, -0.1~0.5, -0.1~0.9, -0.1~1.5, -0.1~2.4;

3, Working conditions

(1) Ambient temperature: -40~60 ℃

(2) Working pressure:

Static load: Using(Pressure indication below ) 3/4 of measuring upper limit value

Alternating load : Using(Pressure indication below) 2/3 measuring upper limit value

Short-term pressure: Using(Pressure indication below) measuring upper limit value

(3) Relative humidity: <85%

4, Technical data slide rheostat transmitter:

Initial resistance: 3~20Ω

Maximum resistance : 340~400 Ω

Applied voltage of terminal< 6V

5.Outer diameter:Φ150mm

6.Connection size:M20X1.5