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Assembled Thermocouple

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Industrial assembled thermocouple working as temperature sensor is usually corollary used with display instruments, recording instruments, and electronic regulator, etc. Sheathed thermocouple is directly used to measure surface temperature of various liquid ,steam, gas media and solid during production with the range of 0 ° C ~ 1800 ° C.

Assembled thermocouples conform to IEC of platinum and rhodium 30 - platinum and rhodium 6, platinum and rhodium 10 - platinum, nickel-chromium - nickel silicon, nickel, chromium - constantan and so on.

Assembled thermocouples usually consists of temperature sensing element, installed fixed devices, junction box and other major components.

Measure Range and Allowable Error Range

Assembled thermocouples category Code Graduation Measuring Range Basic Error Limit
nickel, chromium - constantan WRK E 0-800℃ ±0.75%t
nickel-chromium - nickel silicon WRN K 0-1300℃ ±0.75%t
platinum and rhodium 13 - platinum WRB R 0-1600℃ ±0.25%t
platinum and rhodium 10 - platinum WRP S 0-1600℃ ±0.25%t
platinum and rhodium 30 - platinum and rhodium 6 WRR B 0-1800℃ ±0.25%t

Notice: t is measured temperature value of temperature-sensing element(℃).

Time Constant of Assembled thermocouples

Thermal inertia level Time Constants Thermal inertia level Time Constants
90-180 10-30
30-90 <10

Thermocouple minimum insertion depth: It should not less than 8-10 times of outer diameter of the protective sleeve (Except for special products)
Thermocouple Nominal Pressure: It generally means external static pressure pressed on protection tube when it ruptures under working temperature.

Insulation resistance: When the ambient air temperature is 15-35 ℃, relative humidity <80% Insulation resistance ≥5 MΩ/mega-ohms (voltage 100V), For thermocouple with splash proof type junction box, when the relative temperature is 93 ± 3 ℃, the insulation resistance ≥0.5 MΩ/mega-ohms(voltage 100V)

Insulation resistance under high temperature: Under high temperature, insulation resistance(per meter) between thermode(including double-supported type) and protecting tube, as well as between thermodes of double-supported type should be larger than the value in the table below.

Specified long time working temperature(℃)
Test Temperature(℃)
Insulation resistance valueΩ
≥ 800