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Ammonia Pressure Gauge

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1.Application Description:

Ammonia pressure gauge is used to test pressure of liquid, gas and the mixtures of various medium which is amorphous, non solidification, and not corrosive for ordinary carbon-based steel, alloy steel, austenitic stainless steel and tin-lead alloy solder.

2.Structure Principle

The gauge is composed of pressure guide system (including joint, spring tubes, etc.), transmission mechanism, indicating devices, and housing.

When the measured medium acts on the spring tube, corresponding elastic deformation - displacement will be produced on the tube end, after amplified by transmission mechanism, the measured pressure will be indicated on the dial by indication device.

3.Main Technical Parameters

○ Scale Range

○ Accuracy: 2.5,1.6

○ Application environmental conditions: -40 ~ 70 ℃, relative humidity less than 90%

○ Temperature: not more than 0.4% / 10 ℃ (temperature deviates 20 ± 50 ℃)

○ Weight: 0.6g (YA-100) 0.9kg (YA-150)