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Sheathed Thermocouple

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Usually sheathed thermocouple is corollary used with display instruments, recording instruments, computer, etc. Sheathed thermocouple is directly used to measure surface temperature of various liquid ,steam, gas media and solid during production with the range of 0 ° C ~ 1300 ° C.

Features of Sheathed thermocouple

Thermal response time is short, and dynamic error is reduced;

Bend installation;

Wide measuring range;

High mechanical strength, good pressure resistance;

Working Principle of Sheathed Thermocouple

Electrode is composed of two different conductor materials. When there is temperature difference  between measuring side and reference side. It will generate thermoelectric  forth, and corresponding temperature value will be displayed on the working instrument.


Graduation No. :K

Measure Range: 01100℃ Corresponding protected pipe material:GH3030

Measure Range: 0800℃ Corresponding protected pipe material:1Cr18Ni9Ti

Length: According to customer’s requirements