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Digital Pressure Gauge

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ZHY300A1 series digital pressure gauge is whole electronic structure, battery-powered, and it is easy to install on-site. high-precision piezoresistive pressure sensor is used in front end, the output signal is amplified by high-precision, low drift amplifier, put into high-precision A / D converter, converted into a digital signal which can be processed by the microprocessor, through the arithmetic processing, actual pressure value will be shown by LCD displayer.

The intelligent digital pressure gauge is flexible, easy to operate and debug, safe and reliable. It is widely applied in water and electricity, water supply, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic and other industries, the pressure of the fluid medium is to be measured and displayed.


◆ Large-screen LCD display, high resolution, error of no indication.

◆ Peak value holding function to record the maximum value of pressure measuring.

◆ Pressure percentage dynam ic display (progress bar display)

◆ Five engineering units selection: psi, bar, kpa, kg / c㎡ Mpa

◆ Select 1 ~ 15min automatic shutdown.

◆ Micro-power, it can work more than 2 years,and 2000 hours continuously  in power-saving mode.

◆ Correction of parameters,zero and error of gauge can be corrected on site.

◆ Range of upper and lower is limited

◆ Sampling rate: 1/3 seconds

◆ Apply pressure measuring of various gas and liquid which is compatible with stainless steel.

3.Technical Parameters

Scaling Range


Accuracy Class


Overload Capability


Pressure Type

Gauge Value


≤0.1% /year

Battery Voltage


Display Mode


Display Range


Environmental Temperature


Relative Humidity


Installing Thread


Interface material

Stainless steel

4.Outline size


ZHY300A1 can be installed directly on the hydraulic pipes by pressure tube joint(M20 * 1.5) (joint with other size need to be described when ordering),  In critical applications (such as severe vibration or shock), pressure tube joint can be mechanically decoupled via a mini-hose.

Note: The gauge which measuring range is less than 100KPa must be installed vertically.

6.Operation Instruction:

◆ Turn on and turn off: Short press "ON / OFF" key

◆ Unit switch: Long press "ON / OFF" key

◆ Peak Reset: Press "ZERO" key

◆ Display reset: Press "ZERO" key

(Note: This feature is only used in zero pressure state)

◆ Auto power off time setting: Press the "ZERO"and "ON / OFF" at the same time,  "LOCK" will be displayed on sub screen, enter 1000 (short press "ZERO" to modify the current flickery value, and long press to shift), then press the "ON / OFF "key to confirm, “OFF”is displayed on sub screen, after the current value is modified into auto-off time as required, press the" ON / OFF "key to confirm exit.

00- continuous work. 01~15 is the auto-off time.

7.Use Rules

1.Storage and use of gauge should be in suitable ambient temperature of -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, and in the place where the relative humidity is less than 80%.

2. Gauge joint should be concentric when connecting pipe.

3.9V alkaline battery should be used when replacing the battery. 

      8.Ordering rules

The measuring range, accuracy class, and size of the interface should be indicated when ordering.