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Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

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Product Description:

Case Diameter


Case Material

SUS-304 Stainless steel

Screwed joint

Copper alloy 1/81/4M14*1.5PTNPTBSP or customization

Bourdon tube

Phosphor Bronze

Filled liquid

Glycerin, Silicone oil

Mirror Surface

PC Mirror surface or armored glass

Pressure arrange




Environment Temperature


Application Working Temperature


Protective grade


Accuracy Class

1.6%  2.5%

Application Description

Liquid filled pressure gauge is mainly used in the severe vibration environment, it can sustain pulsation, shock and sudden unloading of medium, and the indication of the gauge is stable and clear. It works in oil, water, air and other non-corrosive fluid environment. It is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electricity and other sectors, to measure the pressure of medium which is not corrosive for copper and copper alloy.


1. Instrument ambient temperature is -40 ~ 70 ℃, relative humidity is less than 80%, If it deviates from normal temperature 20 5 ℃, additional temperature error should be included.

2. The instrument must be installed vertically, and strive to maintain at the same level of the measuring point , If there is too much difference for high liquid column, the additional error will be caused, and it can not be considered when measuring gas. The explosive proof hole on the rear case should be blocked when installing, to avoid affecting explosive proof performance.

3. The measuring range of the instrument: It should not exceed 3/4 measuring upper limit in static pressure, and not exceed 2/3 measuring upper limit during fluctuation. The lowest measurement of large pressure gauge should not be below the 1/3 lower limit in both cases upon. Vacuum portion should be fully used when measuring vacuum.

4. When it occurs failure of pointer or internal parts loose, improperly working and other malfunction. Maintenance should be carried out , or contact the manufacturer for maintenance..

5. The instrument should avoid vibration and impacting, to avoid damage.

6. Please specify when ordering : Instrument type and name; instrument measuring range; accuracy class, etc.

7. Conduct special design according to user requirements.