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New User Guide

2016-08-10 14:48

   1. Register an account

    Click on the"Join" button on the homepage or at the top right corner of any nb25.com page. Fill in the blanks with your information. Enter your email address and wait for the nb25.com verification message. After receiving the verification message, set and confirm your login password. Then click the "sign in" button, enter your name and password to login, and you can start shopping!

   2. Search your products

    You have two ways to search your products. a, browse with the category menu, choose your sub-category; b, type your query in the search box.


    3. Add your products to the shopping cart

    Choose product attributes and purchase quantity when add the product to your shopping cart.

    4. Place your order

    Enter your shopping cart, click "next"; Fill in the detailed consignee information and invoice information, check the list of products,then click”submit order”. Choose payment method, then click “ payment confirmation”, order is generated and order number is displayed.

    5. Track your order

    Enter “my order”to trace your order,There are two status , being received or store pickup.

    6. Give us your feedback after receiving your products

    After receiving your product, you can give your evaluation back to us .